Entrepreneurial Thinking Practices and Their Impact on Reducing Organizational Aging: An Analytical Survey in the Men's Clothing Factory in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Province

Basima Mohammed Bany

Vol. 17 Jan-Jun 2024


This study aims to explore the relationship between entrepreneurial thinking and its impact on reducing organizational aging. As organizations mature, they often face challenges associated with bureaucratic structures, resistance to change, and a decline in innovation. An entrepreneurial mindset characterized by a dynamic and innovative mindset has been proposed as a potential antidote to organizational aging. The current study uses an exploratory approach to examine how entrepreneurial psychology policies in organizations contribute to reducing negative aging outcomes. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher distributed a questionnaire to employees of the Men's Clothing Factory in Al-Najaf province, obtaining 368 responses which were analyzed using the advanced statistical software SmartPLS V.4 It can help restructure. Strategic innovation can counter the perpetuation of outdated practices, thereby reducing organizational maturity. Recommendations include embracing appropriate technological developments in the Men's Clothing industry, incorporating modern processes and manufacturing technologies, and using data analytics to make decisions as it is appropriate to maintain competitive market power capabilities.

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