Proactive Behaviour of Tourism Administrations and its Impact on Enhancing Impression Management Operations: An Exploratory Study in General Board for Tourism in Iraq

Jakub Safar Ali

Vol. 14, Jul-Dec 2022


The research aims to build a theoretical framework that gives a clear vision of the main and sub-research variables by tracking the cognitive and intellectual efforts made by writers and researchers to define the exact concepts of these variables and to know the type and nature of the intellectual and cognitive overlap between them. One of the forms of this weakness is the authority’s reliance on traditional policies and procedures in the process of leading the human resource, resulting from a lack of interest in the active behavioral variables in the social environment and the extent of the impact of these variables on the course of work, including (proactive behavior / impression management), which appeared during crises that the sector has gone through in recent years, the results of which appeared in the weakness of encouraging the members of the authority to challenge the status quo in important issues and to present innovative proposals for change from the reality of the work environment, and the research sample consisted of (61) observations from the departments working in the authority, on which statistical analyzes were conducted, from The most prominent conclusions are that the departments working in the authority are interested in preventive behaviors that anticipate the situation P in problems, due to the official method of performance, which is characterized by the presence of legal consequences and procedures against violating employees, which increases the sensitivity of the working teams towards causing any problem at work, and thus the cautious performance curve rises, which anticipates the situation of falling into the problem through preventive measures, and one of the most important recommendations is the necessity Work on adopting and adhering to an integrated structure of proactive behaviors in general and enhancing performance that would develop early warning mechanisms in the Authority’s management because organizations in today’s world are no longer evaluated through levels of reactions to what is happening in terms of events, but rather through initiative mechanisms that contribute to creating and event industry.

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