Fundamental Extraction of Issues Related to the General from the Jurisprudence of the Companion Huthaifa Bin Al-Yaman (May Allah be Pleased with Him)

Dr. Mayada Fathil Ahmed

Vol. 14, Jul-Dec 2022


The fundamentalist extraction is important because it combines in its name between the branches and the principles, that is, between jurisprudence and the principles of jurisprudence, and it is not hidden from anyone that these two sciences have a great status, and the high degree among the other legitimate sciences, so how can science be a link between them, rather how with knowledge the desired and correct benefit from the principles of jurisprudence can only be achieved through it. Only through it can true jurisprudence be achieved. That is because the art of fundamentalist exegesis is by which the jurist is able to use the fundamental principles in the correct manner, and then derive practical legal rulings from their detailed evidence in the correct manner. As these rulings are valid, and it is one of the sciences that are in great need in this era in which specialization in the study of Sharia sciences prevailed; that is because the students specialized in the study of jurisprudence and its foundations turned to studying jurisprudence separately, and to studying the principles separately, and maintaining the science of jurisprudence on what these students inherited from their scholars without rooting it. It was necessary to study this art in order to make the correct link between these two sciences. Extraction is a practical application of the science of assets, and it develops the faculty of diligence in the student.

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