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Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 001-006

Ecocritical Perspectives on Early American Literature: “Walden” by Henry D. Thoreau and “Letters from an American Farmer” by Hector St. John D...

Haider Jaber Husain

This article presents an ecocritical analysis of “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau and Hector St. John de Crevecoeur’s “Letters from an American Farmer”. The field of liter...

Research Article

Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 007-018

Offshoring: Transfer Jobs or Operations Abroad

Hadeel Qasim Oleiwi, Hussein Ali Kazem

As a result of global shifts in the labor market. Especially after the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1989 and the end of the Cold War, about half of the world's labor forc...

Research Article

Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 019-035

Similarities and Differences Between Baghdad and Cordoba in The Executive and Judicial Systems

Dr . Ikhlas Amanah Mahi

The research focused on addressing the judicial and executive systems in the East and the Maghreb, Baghdad and Cordoba by examining the similarities and differences in them between...

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Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 036-039

English Drama Since 1940 By David Ian Rabey Chapter 12: A Blasted F***ing Differences? : The 1990 and Beyond the Big Zeroes: An Article Review

Asmaa Mukaram Saeed

English Drama Since 1940 is a book written by David Ian Rabey in 2003. It is divided into twelve chapters. It mainly tackles the most prominent, dynamic, wide-ranging and ground-b...

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Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 040-048

The Role of the Revolution of the Fourteenth of July 1958 in the Development of the Industrial Sector in the Architecture District

Thulfiqar Farhan Hussain

The Al- Amarah Brigade witnessed an improvement and great interest by the government of the July 14 Revolution in 1958 in the economic aspect, through serious attempts to develop a...

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Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 049-062

Ubayd Allah Ibn Ziyad's Repressive Policy Against Opposition Movements Prior to the Killing of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) - Maytham Al-Tammar as...

Hana S. Jabar

The period following the peace treaty between Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) and Muawiyah in 41 Hijriya saw the Umayyads take control of the Islamic state, pursuing figures known ...

Research Article

Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 063-068

The Exploration of Gender Equality in Jane Austen’s Emma

Iman Saud Dhannoon

Before the emergence of the feminist theory during the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, women witnessed oppression, depression, and...

Research Article

Vol. 15 Jan-Jun 2023  Page no: 069-079

Levels of Dependence of Iraqi University Students on Arab Satellite Channels to Obtain Information About the Russian-Ukrainian War (A Field Study of a...

Dr. Suhad Adnan Challoop

The Russian-Ukrainian war represented a real test for satellite channels in terms of the public's reliance on them to obtain news and information related to this war, according to ...