Al-Bataeh and its Role in Peace and War During the Abbasid Era

Maha Waddah Abdul Ameer Ahmad Ala’Adamy

Vol. 14, Jul-Dec 2022


Al-Bataeh was the hidden engine and theatre for many events during the Abbasid era, so it played an important role in those events, which is remarkable and cannot be ignored. Al-Bataeh appeared for political and other reasons related to the region’s imperviousness. It became a refuge for those fleeing from power and an important center representing the Iraqi local tendency, which is protected by the power of nature and its ability to impose special historical variables. Therefore, it can be said that Al-Bataeh witnessed political, economic, and social diversity that was reflected in the history of the region, and we can add to the importance of Al-Bataeh the human wealth it produced, represented by its scholars who enriched the human heritage with their immortal scientific output.

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